Medicare Simplified

Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage??


You will end up on one path or the other with your Medicare Plan, shouldn't you know where you're going?


In this video, Tom explains how simple understanding Medicare is.





Medicare Supplement Plans



  • Low out-of-pocket expenses; with a Plan G you are only responsible for the Part B deductible but Plan N may even be a better value - ask us about the difference.
  • Visit any doctor or hospital that accepts Original Medicare. NO NETWORKS
  • Guaranteed Renewable. Your policy cannot be canceled as long as you pay the monthly premium.



  • Premiums are usually more expensive than Medicare Advantage Plans on a monthly basis.
  • May not be able to enroll if you have pre-existing health conditions and are not either new to Medicare or in a guaranteed issue period.

Medicare Advantage Plans



  • Low or no Monthly Premium 
  • Only need to answer one health question (Do you have End-Stage Renal Disease?)
  • May offer additional benefits such as vision, dental, and hearing.



  • Your doctors & hospitals may not accept the plan
  • Can have high co-payments for medical services
  • Plans may change yearly and are not guaranteed renewable.



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